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Dear Sir,                 Although the questions asked looks like simple & funny but I feel that these should be addressed. May be we can take another view for the answers. Can'T we expect the avatara of lord vishnu i.e rama is well aware that is it really a golden deer exsists? if maya over comes at that time, how can it be possible that he will be after hunting a golden deer, may be a diving play exsisted. Rama could able to kill ravana with sita sakti only so it could be the grace of sita that she should deliberately send lakshmana out and get in to the opponents trap so that she can make her husband an 'Heroic person'. Although my words are not exactly placed, but truth comes  out will be, 'Ramayana' is the divine play between a small group of people with lot of hidden secrets. Thanks & regards
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When I was telling Ramayana story to children one child asked me a
question and I did not know the answer.

When Maricha was dying from Rama's arrow he shouted 'Oh Seeta Oh
Lakshmana' and died. But Rama knew he was tricking Him. Why He did not
shout back 'Oh Seeta Oh Lakshmana. I am safe. Don't worry. Don't be
fooled by this Rakshasa. I am coming now' ? Why He did not warn Seeta
and Lakshmana? If He warned them Lakshmana would not come out and
leave Seeta alone.

One answer is - He wanted to complete the Avatara Mission to kill
Ravana. But it means He wanted Seeta to get kidnapped. Why? He was
very powerful He could have killed Ravana immediately. Why He is
allowing him to kidnap Seeta?  One more answer is He is also deceived
by Maayaa just like us. Maayaa is so powerful to trick even Gods. Rama
was shocked and did not know what to do.


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