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I am a Phd in Management science and retired as a chief manager in Bank,. I am 
a research scholar in Philosophy at Banaas Hindu University doing research on 
Concept of bhakti in the works of Madhusudana sarasvati with focus on Bhakti 
Rasayana and examine whether he has tries to synthesize bhakti and advaita 
vedanta or he was a staunch Advaiti but has worshipped krishna as his personal 

Br Prasanth

I am an Asst Prof at Amrita Darshanam, Internatioanl Center for Spiritual
Studies at Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Amritapuri Campus, Kerala.

Spiritual Studies
* Studied Vedanta Prakarana Grantas, Stotra Kritis and Bagavatha under
   the guidance of various scholars including Swami Chidananda Puri and Swami
   Prajnananda Theertha Padar (1991-Present)
* Studied Prasthanathraya with Sri Shankaracharya?s Commentary under
the guidance of the great Vedantic scholar Swami Kaivalyananda Giri (2006-Present)

Surya Rao

I love advaita Vedanta very much.


I would like to join this group to get more understanding of sankara advaita.


I am Ramani from chennai, interested  in sanskrit.So,  I have given pause on
to my work and learning sanskrit and doing my M.A. in advaitha vedantha.


I am a vedanta learner.

Mike Roper

I have been a 'student' of Advaita for more than 40 years - I am always amazed 
at how much there is still to understand in this most subtle and enigmatic of 
'philosophies' !!! I am a physicist / applied mathematician and am 
particularly interested in using Advaita to understand the 'philosophical' 
concepts possibly behind quantum mechanics. Also to 'use' modern physics etc. 
to formulate a possibly 'clearer' understanding of Advaita. Since 'Reality' IS 
Non-Dual, it must be possible to start at either end of Brahman/Maya or pure 
consciousness/the world - there is only consciousness. Unpicking all this will 
take much effort and imagination - but surely imagination is a mark OF 
consciousness !! All the best in Dharma


I'm very new to the Advaita Vedanta but am very interested in knowing about
it. I just know few things about Advaita.


Devotee of Maha Periyavaa based out of Seattle, USA

Jaldhar H. Vyas <jaldhar at braincells.com>

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