[Advaita-l] neo-Vedanta and Christianity

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This could refer to any hindu who for example refer to the bhagavad gita as
"the Hindu Bible." Today lots of Hindus, even devout ones, seem to validate
their faith through the lens of Christianity and they don't even realize
it. Whether or not this is because of "neo-vedanta," well, who knows. But
it's not a good thing, IMO.
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> Dear folks,
> There are some naysayers in Western Academia who opine that Neo-Vedanta was
> Vedanta incorporated with Western (read Christian) ideas (for example
> Halbfass). I for one know that certain Indian authors like Rajiv Malhotra
> tries to disprove this thesis in some of his books like Indra's Net etc.
> Does the good folks in this list know of any scholars/authors (Indians or
> otherwise) who take a similar opinion?
> Regards,
> Vineet Menon
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