[Advaita-l] Why did Krishna said that he was unable to repeat Gita?

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Wed Nov 2 06:18:48 CDT 2016

However, a good teacher shapes his lessons to the capability of the student.  Having seen that Arjuna has failed to fully grasp the lessons of the Gita wouldn't it be futile to just keep repeating it?  Hence He took a slightly different tack in the Anugita.

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nashtO mOhaH smrutir labhdhA, sthitOsmi gata saNdehaH are the confirmations of arjuna and shankara observes that Arjuna after receiving the upadesha from geetAchArya, is 'realized'.  Now the question is not about 'krishna' but jnAni like arjuna, since he has forgotten this jnana through which he has realization it seems he should have continued to remember / practise this jnana even after geetOpadesha, due to lack of this practise, a  sort of vijnAya prajnAm kurveeta, he has forgotten his jnana over a period of time!!  BTW, this realization is mere realization of arjuna's kshAtra dharma or it is the realization of 'paramArtha jnAna'??  From shankara bhAshya it seems arjuna has become paramArtha jnAni and not just knowing his duty on the battle field.    If it is former, then in arjuna's case (due to his prArabdha / avidyA lesha etc.) even though he was a paramArtha jnAni at the completion of geetOpadesha, he has forgotten this jnana and became 'ajnAni' again at the time of praying for the repetition from the lord.  

Am I thinking in a right way??  Not sure.

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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