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> V Subramanian ji,
> Namaskarams.
> In humility I ask,is there any independent verification of this
> incident?(like reference in books published by Sri Vidyatheertha
> Foundation)


While reading this account recently in a group, I recalled having read it
some years ago, in a person's private collection of incidents. I do not
remember now the details, though.  A couple of months ago someone in this
group mentioned about a Sundara Kanda upanyasam by Acharyal in TN but I
could not get any confirmed reply from my contacts.

> (Can vidyaarthis ask Acharyal to recite Ramayanam,

I think vidyarthi-s, that too visiting from a different place, can be
recipients of special audience. In any case they did not ask Acharyal to
'recite' the Ramayanam.

> Acharyal doing Ramayana Upanyaasam,in which language,

In order to benefit those coming from TN, it could have been in Tamil.

> acharyal 'forgetting' aasana for Anjaneya(r),

I think this is not impossible.

> Acharyal coming out at 8 o clock after darshan,

Such things are not ruled out in Sringeri.

> vidyaarthis asking doubts(!) about style of pravachanam(!) -then the
> "talk" about- etc)

If Acharyal had given them opportunity to pose questions, this is also not

warm regards

> S.Murali
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