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> Very interesting dialogue between HH and disciple.  It would have been
> more interesting if the question of ‘Ishwara’s vision’ has been extended to
> paramArtha jnAni also.  Can a paramArtha jnAni with his parabhakti,  have a
> ‘darshana’ of the Ishwara and talk to him??  If yes, is he not the
> custodian of Advaita jnana which says Ishwara and jagat both are mithya and
> kevala vyavahArika satya??  How can a jnAni sees another embodied
> consciousness like Ishwara who  can talk and ‘react’ differently to the
> jnAni as if he is a separate entity??  Kindly let me know whether HH
> anywhere clarified these issues in the light of Advaita paramArtha jnana??

In the book 'Exalting Elucidations' (free download), chapter 'Jnanin', p.


Disciple: Can even jñānin-s have devotion to Īśvara?

Acharyal [HH Sri Abhinava Vidyatirtha Swaminah]: When a jñānin can and does
feel, why should he be incapable of devotion to Īśvara? The glory of the
Lord is supreme and infinite. So, even a jñānin’s mind inclines towards
Īśvara. This does not mean that he has not realised his own True nature.
Though he has realised the non-dual Truth, his body and the mind engage in
acts of devotion to Īśvara. We read in the Bhāgavata:

ātmā-rāmāśca munayo nirgranthā apyurukrame ।
kurvantyahaitukīṁ bhaktim-itthaṁ-bhūtaguṇo hariḥ ॥5758
(BP, I.7.10)

(Even sages who revel only in the Ātman and are without any bond (or have
given up even the study of texts) are devoted, without any expectation
whatsoever, to the Lord. Such is the excellence of the Lord.)


> Don’t we see in traditional stand that both Ishwara and jagat is ‘kevala’
> jeeva srushti atleast according to some  ??

That is alright. We have the legend regarding Madhusudana Saraswati: While
he was in Brindavan, it was a common sight for all to witness Bālakṛṣṇa
coming to receive the neivedyam from Madhusudana's hands every day.

We have also the famous statement: Of course a Jnani can engage in a bhakti
with the 'bheda' bhava fully conscious of it.  द्वैतं बन्धाय बोधात्प्राक्,
बोधे सति पूजार्थं कल्पितं द्वैतम् अद्वैतादपि सुन्दरम्  are said to be the
words of Sri Madhusudana Saraswati.

['dvaita', duality, is what bondage is, before ātmajnāna. However, when
there is realization, that duality that is imagined by the Jnani for the
purpose of pūjā, is a matter of revelry and surpasses even the beauty of


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