[Advaita-l] Childless going to naraga

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If having a son is compulsory for Moksha it means Adi Sankara was not
Jeevan Mukta because he had no son and so many Advaiti Acharyas like
Vidyaranya were also not Jeevan Muktas.

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> Respected pandits,
> I am childless.when referring puruna it says person who have no son will go
> to punnama naraga and that too eternal.i am doing daily japas,pooja and
> self enquiry.but always this naraga causes me fear.what is take of advaita
> Vedanta on punnama naraga.is there any way mentioned in our scripture to
> escape from this naraga. Please help me on this
> I also want to know advaita take on childless couple.do they have chnace to
> attain mukti
> Pranams
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