[Advaita-l] A question on Chaandogya III.14.1

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I am seeking some assistance with the understanding of a Sanskrit construct.
In the छान्दोग्योपनिषद् III.14.1, the श्रुति says:
सर्वं खल्विदं ब्रह्म तज्जलानिति शान्त उपासीत ।
I am trying to understand the construct तज्जलानिति
The translation given is :
(This) is born from, dissolves in , and exists in That.
In the भाष्यम् , आदि शाछङ्कर uses the words अतः तज्जम्
This is have interpreted as "Therefore it arises from That"
I then used the dictionary and found अनिति to mean "It lives"
Extracting these two parts from the compound, left the ला which the
dictionary gives as "giving or taking" which is not quite the same as
Then it came to mind that प्रलय is used to denote "dissolution", so when
the dictionary was consulted on this word it was found to be प्र with the
dhaatu ली.

So I am not sure how the ला would have been formed from the ली.
In addition, the use of अनिति as a verb seems out of place in a समास, and
this did not seem to be right.
Consulting the भाष्यम् again, it was seen that the dissolution is referred
to as तल्लम्.

So here some conjecture began, and the statement is now understood as
(taken out of sandhi):
तद् ज तद् ल तद् अन् इति
Which can be translated as "Born from That, Dissolved in That, Existing in
That" with the इति terminating the idea.
(I have repeated the तद् for explanation, in the verse it would seem to
apply to all three concepts.)

Sanskrit being as precise as it is, I am not satisfied with explanations
coming from conjecture and would like this reasoning either confirmed, or
to be shown where errors have come in.

Please could members of the group assist in this.

With much gratitude
Yours in Truth


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