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In the famous hymn of Shakaracharya 'nāgendra-hārāya...', too we get two
distinct references to nandi and vṛṣa, the former stated as a chieftain of
Śivagaṇa and the latter, the vāhana, dhwaja:


Like garuḍa vāhana is also garuḍa dhwaja, vṛṣavāhana is also vṛṣadhwaja.


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> Thank you Subbuji and Shyamji.
> I got a similar clarification from Bharatiya Vidvat Parishat too, which I
> reproduce below for the group’s benefit.
> From Dr. T Ganesan (Bharatiya Vidvat Parishat)
> // First, Nandi and Vrisha are two different entities in the Saiva system;
> while Nandi is one of the पार्षद-s  वृष[वृषभ]  is the वाहन  of Siva.
> In the Sivapuja as prescribed and described in the Saivagama-s, Nandi
> along with गङ्गा is worshipped as residing  at the right side of doorstep,
> while वृष is not worshipped.
> In the Siva temple also it is the वृष that is always placed facing Siva .
> That is the reason in the verse cited by you there is separate mention of
> Nandi and Vrisha
> Due to reasons unknown both Nandi and Vrisha got mixed up in the popular
> tradition, so much so that Siva is addressed as Nadivaahana--नन्दिवाहन,
> which is not correct.
> //
> Regards
> Venkateswaran.

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