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There is book by Sreeman S.M.S Chari on Adviata-Vishishtaadvaita -where he discussed the objections by Vedanta Deshika - There are actually some 60+ objections mostly based on Navya Nyaaya. One can get this book on line. 

Shreeman Chari maaama is no more, but  he used to tell me that these objections have never been answered. In the Shatabhuusani Shree Krishnasastri only reiterated the advaita position than take up each objection item by item.
I have looked into these objections mostly based on vikalpas with hair-splitting arguments but no substance worth considering or debating. Some are extensions of Bhagavan Ramanuja's arguments in his Shree Bhasya. I am grateful to Chari maama who stayed with me and taught me the introductory part of the Shree Bhashya where most of the purvapakshas and siddhantas have been discussed.  

Hari Om!Sadananda

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Hi all,

Can somebody shed some light on the Visishtadvaiti Vedanta Desikan's work
Shatadushani, claiming to logically reject Advaitam?

What were the chief reasons to reject Advaitam? More interestingly, can you
also then shed light on a work titled Shatabhushani rejecting the claims of
Shatadushani? Besides the joke that "Shata"dushani has only 66 claims
against Advaitam, I'd like to know what those 66 arguments were and how
they were rejected.


Hamsah Soham
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