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> Namaste,
> This is in relation to this article and similar other articles
> we have seen on this forum recently. Since the topic here is
> related to mother goddess, I thought of offering a clarification.
> It is not my intention to stretch this discussion into a debate.
> The Adi mAtA that is described in durgA saptashati is NOT
> pArvati, lakshmi or sarasvati. She is NOT the spouse of
> shiva, vishnu or brahma. She is their mother - this is very
> clearly described in rahasya traya whose translation has been
> shared by shri Jaldhar on this list.

Dear Shri Shrinivas,

The Durgā Saptashati was not referred to in my titled article. I had,
however, mentioned 'Devī Bhāgavatam (Māhātmyam) of the Kūrma Purana' in
that article.  In the other article titled 'Devī māhātmyam in the
Kūrmapurana', there are references to this Devi (who is the source of the
trimurtis and the triśakti-s) as the consort of Shiva:

शक्तयो गिरिजा देवी शक्तिमानथ शङ्करः

विशेषः कथ्यते चायं पुराणे ब्रह्मवादिभिः  २९

भोग्या विश्वेश्वरी देवी *महेश्वरपतिव्रता  * [maheśvara pativratā]

प्रोच्यते भगवान्भोक्ता कपर्दी नीललोहितः  ३०

मन्ता विश्वेश्वरो देवः शङ्करो मन्मथान्तकः

In the Sri Lalitā sahasranāma too the Mother (who is also the source of the
three murtis) is stated as 'Sadāśiva pativratā'

In this article:

you will find that the Shakti which gave rise to the three damsels
(consorts of the trimurtis) is Rudra's Shakti. There is also a reference
which says that Rudra is the consort of All the Three shakti-s.



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