[Advaita-l] GunAtIta and jIvanmukta

Sujal Upadhyay sujal.u at gmail.com
Sat Oct 1 06:20:23 CDT 2016

Namaste Sri chandramouli ji,

*My understanding as expressed here  is not confined  to or based on VC or
> the Bhashya thereon by the Jagadguru. It is just my current state of
> understanding of advaita sidhanta. I really hope I am not disturbing your
> tranquil state attained from your sAdhanAs.  I got the same impression from
> your response to my understanding of OmkarOpAsana. You may please ignore
> them if they are not in accordance with your understanding.

oh thank you for your concern. Be assured I am not disturbed. Even if I am,
it is only for a day (generally), as next day after meditation I am good to
go. I am not perfect and my own understanding is limited. I am open to
correction. If I do not get it now, I may get it at a proper time.

*I am not sure if you are using the term “keep vrittis still “ in the yogic
> sense, meaning cessation of mental vrittis. If yes, that is never so in
> advaita. The term  “ keeping vrittis still “ if encountered in advaita
> always means “keeping the vrittis steady and unchanging on Brahman “. This
> is my understanding.

​Please give me a day or two to reply.

Kind Regards

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