[Advaita-l] GunAtIta and jIvanmukta

H S Chandramouli hschandramouli at gmail.com
Sun Oct 2 03:51:48 CDT 2016

Namaste Sri Sujal Ji,

Let me respond on a positive note first.

Reg  << To sum up, NS is not last state. Permanently abiding in NS is the
last stage.>>,

I am entirely in agreement.  This is the Jivanmukta state.

Reg  << this still mind is rooted in Brahman. I take cessation of vritti-s
as destruction of mind. >>,

I see a contradiction in terms.  Mind can be rooted in Brahman ONLY through
a vritti. If there is cessation of vrittis, there is no mind to  be rooted
in Brahman. There will only be “shunya”.

Reg  << Not controlling mind and steadying it, but destruction of mind is
the last stage.>>,

Please refer to the translation given by you   “When the mind, thus
purified by constant practice, is merged in Brahman,” of verse 362 (VC ),
the usual understanding of “ merged in Brahman “  is destruction of mind
leading to NS. Many of the translations/commentaries of VC give the same
impression.  Judging by your post, I presume your understanding is same.
But note how Sri Jagadguru has interpreted . I quote from his bhashya  “Thus,
when by force of continuous practice, the mind free from the defects of
wrong understanding etc., merges in Brahman, is without any modification
and is purely the residual Brahman,” Unquote. According to this “merged in
Brahman” means Mind without any modifications and is just Brahman, meaning
unchanging and steady vritti, not destruction. This is the advaitic

Reg  << Remember, here the mind experiences. Then consciousness transcends
experiences of mind and experiences itself. There is no second to speak
about experience.>>,

The only instrument available for “experience” or “anubhava” is the mind.
Consciousness is “experienced” through mind in akhandAkAra vritti. This
itself is NS.There is nothing like Consciousness transeding experiences of
mind. This “experience” is what is recalled when one comes out of NS. For
this vritti to be generated first time, it is ONLY on hearing the mahavAkya
through the Guru at the appropriate time. Subsequently the jnani can get
into NS on his own without the need for a Guru.

Reg  << I think the difference between us is that you are talking from POV
of a jivanmukta and I am talking as a sādhaka. Your explanations are true
for a Jñānī and his/her behaviour.>>,

No sir. I have mentioned above when a sAdhaka attains NS first time.

Reg  << Here, vritti-s do happen in mind, but consciousness is strongly
rooted in Brahman, hence such a person lives like sthita prajña.>>,

Not exactly. Consciousness cannot be rooted in Brahman simply because it
itself  is only  another name for Brahman. It is only through the vritti
that the jnani is rooted in Brahman or Consciouness.

Reg   << By repeated entering into NS, all past impressions (vāsanā-s) are
destroyed >>,

 Through destruction or control of all past impressions (vAsanAs) initially
through effort the jnani enters into and maintains NS more and more often
to the extent that after constant practice NS becomes his natural state, no
effort being needed. The more the jnani approximates to it, the nearer is
he for being a jivanmukta.

Reg moksha/mukti, I have already pointed out the difference between a jnani
and jivanmukta in several of my earlier posts.

I hope I have covered all points.


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