[Advaita-l] GunAtIta and jIvanmukta

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Namaste Chandramouliji, Sujalji,

I caught up with this thread between yesterday and today. May I make a
couple of comments? Please ignore if I am disturbing the exchange midway.

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> Reg  << this still mind is rooted in Brahman. I take cessation of vritti-s
> as destruction of mind. >>,
> I see a contradiction in terms.  Mind can be rooted in Brahman ONLY through
> a vritti. If there is cessation of vrittis, there is no mind to  be rooted
> in Brahman.

Here, the mind rooted in brahman need not mean vRtti that comes with the
jnAtR-jnAna-bheda/ tripUTi, as in SS. It is the resolution of the mind (and
therefore also the jnAtR) into the object of the vRtti, which is mahAvAkya,
leading to NS.

> There will only be “shunya”.

I hope you mean shUnyavRtti by shUnya.

> But note how Sri Jagadguru has interpreted . I quote from his bhashya
> “Thus,
> when by force of continuous practice, the mind free from the defects of
> wrong understanding etc., merges in Brahman, is without any modification
> and is purely the residual Brahman,” Unquote. According to this “merged in
> Brahman” means Mind without any modifications and is just Brahman, meaning
> unchanging and steady vritti, not destruction. This is the advaitic
> sidhAnta.

vRtti is a modification of the mind and when it is without modification, it
is merged into brahman as brahman. The steady maintained vRtti is SS
(specifically शब्दानुविद्धसविकल्पसमाधि as per Drigdrishyaviveka), which
culminates into NS.

> The only instrument available for “experience” or “anubhava” is the mind.
> Consciousness is “experienced” through mind in akhandAkAra vritti. This
> itself is NS.There is nothing like Consciousness transeding experiences of
> mind. This “experience” is what is recalled when one comes out of NS.

The coming out of NS indicates the resolution of tripuTi in bIjarUpa. Just
like one comes out of suShupti but still will have experienced happiness,
so too during NS.

Kind rgds,
--Praveen R. Bhat
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