[Advaita-l] GunAtIta and jIvanmukta

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praNAms Sri Praveen ji,

On a quick note -
Residual Brahman, as I understand, is what remains after anAtmA i.e.
Non-Self is negated by Neti-Neti or any other means. After everything is
negated, the first person, 'I', remains, this is not ego, but Capital 'I'.
It is Brahman. Please read bhashya on vivekchudamani. Please read last line
between stars.

mUla sloka (main verse)

VC 362. When the mind, thus purified by constant practice, is merged in
Brahman, then Samadhi passes on from the Savikalpa to the Nirvikalpa stage,
and leads directly to the realisation of the Bliss of Brahman, the One
without a second.

Commentary by Sringeri Jagadguru Sri Chandrashekhara Bharathi Mahaswami

VC 362: Thus, when by force of continuous practice, the mind free from the
defects of wrong understanding etc., merges in Brahman, is without any
modification and is purely the residual Brahman, then, svatah, even without
effort, it becomes the experience of the nectar of non-dual bliss. Being of
the form of Brahman is itself the nectar or rasa; vide the shruti ‘raso vai
saha” (TU). It is of the nature of rasa also as it is the cause of supreme
endearment, productive of that experience, without any blemish, **that is
the nirvikalpa-samadhi which is the cause of the dissolution of all
universal vasanas beginning with ahamkAra**.

​...and where are vAsanA-s - sarvAn partha manogatAm BG 2.55. Where are
vritti-s - inside mind.​

I too didnt use the word namolaya for same reason :)

This is a good discussion. I still need to contemplate on these terms and
on the nature of samAdhi.


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