[Advaita-l] Shruti prAmANya and jnAna

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Namaste Srinathji,

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> > Another thing to consider, there are two types of prAmANya, tested and
> > otherwise.
> > Tested one needs all what I said. Untested is svataH and is saved by
> > apauruSheyatva.
> >
> >
> There are no such thing as two types of prAmANya. It is either prAmANya or
> aprAmANya.

If a person has jaundice and sees the world yellow, does his sight have
pramANya or does it have aprAmANya? And how will you land there without

Moreover, advaitins reach advaita by tAtparyanirNaya, which is testing of
prAmANya. Else it would be blind faith which takes all contradictory
statements of shruti as-is and then one is likely to lose even that faith.

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