[Advaita-l] Shruti prAmANya and jnAna

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Moreover, an advaitin lands on advaita ekavAkyatA with the tAtparyanirNaya,
etc. That's is all tested prAmANya.

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Namaste Srinath ji,

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> > Another thing to consider, there are two types of prAmANya, tested and
> > otherwise.
> > Tested one needs all what I said. Untested is svataH and is saved by
> > apauruSheyatva.
> >
> >
> There are no such thing as two types of prAmANya. It is either prAmANya or
> aprAmANya.

If a person has jaundice and sees the world yellow, his sight has pramANya
or does it have aprAmANya? And how will you land there without testing?

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