[Advaita-l] Pāncarātra sūtras

Kalivaradhan krishnamurthy kali1947 at gmail.com
Thu Oct 6 02:21:28 CDT 2016

HariH OM!

sarvebhyo namaskaraH,

I need help from the list members on the following:

1.  We know that Ācārya Śaṅkara has repudiated the Pāncarātra doctrines in
his commentary on the Brahmasutras 2.2.42 to 2.2.45.

2.  He obviously refers to the Pāncarātra sūtras which talks about Vāsudeva
the supreme lord and the vyūha theory of Saṁkarṣaṇa, Pratdyumna and

3.  Where can I find (the text source) of the Pāncarātra sūtras which have
become the target of the Ācāryās refutation?

4.  I am not able to download the sutras from any internet source.  Couple
of texts refer to Āgamas and not to Siddhānta.

Can the list members guide me to the tight source for the material.?


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