[Advaita-l] Shruti prAmANya and jnAna

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> Another explanation from the Advaitin is:
> Just as samsāra is admitted 'anāditvena', prakṛti/māyā is admitted pravāha
> nityatvena, etc. veda is also admitted 'auapuruṣeyatvena.'  Though all
> these are āropita, yet, for the upapatti of vyavahāra all these are kalpita
>  'anāditvena', pravāha nityatvena and 'apauruṣeyatvena.'.
> Just as when in a dream one sees an old fort which a guide there says is
> 1000 years old, is quite valid in the dream, even though the dream fort is
> kalpita 'purātanatvena', so too all the above concepts are admitted as they
> are (..tvena) even though they are all kalpita, aropita.
> vs

Fort might be quite old in the dream, but people do not use such anAdi
objects/texts to prove their world is illusory world. You say dream is
illusory after wake up, but not while dreaming.

Also, dreaming and waking state are two nodes in the liner time scale. You
may deny content of dream, but you cannot deny its actual occurrence, do
you? But you do deny this vyavahAra in all three periods of time. That's
the big difference. Dream analogy is flawed.


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