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Dear Bhashkarji,

I would reaffirm that what I wrote is really really so. 

Now, coming to your objection, please confirm if you have really seen  the planetary positions in the natal horoscope of  mother Sita. I could not find that in the Ramayana. I know only that she was found as a new-born baby, by Janaka in a field. The Ramayana gives the details of Lord Ram's horoscope only. Under such a situation, how can Karthikji ever think of horoscope matching of Lord Ram and Mother Sita? To my understanding, it is obvious, that  Janaka found that the position of one graha in Lord Rama's horoscope, was adverse to their married life, even though it was in its own house (in svashthaana). That is why Janaka got their marriage solemnized under a particular nakshatra, to mitigate the ill effects, to the extent possible.  

Now one more point, I wish to add, which probably many astrologers are not aware of. Astrology is not fatalistic and it is not meant to predict things and sit tight, waiting for things to happen. A  good astrologer always thinks of the ways and means to reduce the adverse effects seen in the horoscope of the people concerned.  

Sunil KB

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 Hare Krishna
 Yes, really so. That is why i wrote a whole lot of
 things,which most astrologers don't know, that rashi was
 used in the pre-Mahabharata times only for Suryodaya lagna.
 Please read the Ramayana to see why Janaka was particularly
 careful to choose the marriage time.
 Ø     I think what Sri Karthik prabhuji
 asking is practice of  horoscope matching not about
 auspicious muhurtham & its time.  For that matter
 for Sri rAma pattAbhishekaM Sri vasishTa maharshi fixed the
 time, inspite of that we know the result.  jAtaka
 parisheelan involves tallying the amsha / bhAva / janma
 kundali of both vadhu and vara (bride and bride groom) and
 checking whether out of 36 guNa-s how many guNa-s are
 matching etc.  For this type of horoscope matching Sri
 Karthik prabhuji asking for the reference in ancient works.
 Sri Ananda Hudli prabhuji may throw more light on this issue
 I believe.
 Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!
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