[Advaita-l] Life is wonder & wondering about an advaitin's thought at the time of his/her death !!??

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> praNAms
> Hare Krishna
> How/what  does it matter what thoughts appear for an advaitin, who has
> realized one's nitya mukta svarUpa ?
> Ø   I am not talking about the jnAni-s who have realized their svarUpa.  I
> am talking about the sAdhaka-s in Advaita mArga.  Whether they should
> entertain duality based thoughts or non-duality based thoughts at the time
> of death.

Bhaskar ji,

The 6th Chapter of the BG, yoga bhrashṭa case, is what is relevant here.
If the sādhaka is sincere in his vedānta sādhana, and he does not attain
the end result of sadhana before death, he will, according to the Lord's
assurance there, go to those worlds that are attained by people who have
performed punya, meritorious actions such as ashvamedha. They will remain
in those lokas enjoying the bhoga and thereafter return to this world and
be born in pious rich families or in a family of Yogins and continue their
sadhana, from where they left in their earlier life as human. In this life
they will be pulled or driven by the force of that vedanta sadhana and will
eventually reach the goal.



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