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Dear Colleagues,
> Greetings!
> We are less than a week away from our science-philosophy Dialog
> <http://poornaprajna.org/cibs/DialogacrossTraditionsICPR.html> (Oct
> 25-27, 2016), to be held at PPISR, Sadashivnagar, Bangalore- 560 080,
> India's first Dialog of this sort organized by physicists. Thank you once
> again for consenting to be a part of it.
> Please find below links to the final symposium details.
>    1. Updated participant list
>    <http://poornaprajna.org/cibs/ArticlesDialog2016.htm#parti>,
>    2. Discussion panel structure
>    <http://poornaprajna.org/cibs/ArticlesDialog2016.htm#panel>
>    3. Schedule for the meeting
>    <http://poornaprajna.org/cibs/ArticlesDialog2016.htm#schedu>
> For any technical clarifications, please write to Prof. Sisir Roy,
> <sisir.sisirroy at gmail.com> Prof. Debjyoti Gangopadhyay
> <debajyoti at nalanda-dialogforum.org> or me.
> For any logistical clarifications, please contact Mr S. Aravind
> <sakshiprajne at gmail.com> ( 8722478214 )
> We look forward to meeting you all!
> With best regards,
> Srik
> Panels(Traditional scholars in red, and scientists in blue)

   1. *Origin of the Universe (Oct 25, 2016):* The concept of Quantum
   vacuum, creation of the universe and existence of the Substratum: Indian
   Philosophy ( like Akasha in Vedanta and Alayavijnana in Yogacara Buddhism).
   True Vacuum in Modern Cosmology without (attributes) and False Vacuum with
   attributes: False vacuum decays to True vacuum: Nirakar and Sakar Brahman.
      - Prof. K. S. Kannan
      - Prof. Thyagaraj
      - Geshe Jangchup Choeden
      - Prof. C. Sivaram
      - Prof. B. S. Ramachandra
      - *Moderator:* Prof. Archan Majumdar
   2. *Identity and Individuality (Oct 25, 2016):* Distinctive early
   (pre­-philosophical) Indian notions of Being that might help to make sense
   of the difference between Eastern philosophy and Western Science, and how
   these notions figure in the subsequent debate about the nature of Identity,
      - Prof. K. S. Kannan
      - Geshe Jangchup Choeden
      - Prof. B. S. Ramachandra
      - Dr. Monika Krishan
      - *Moderator:* Prof. D. Gangopadhyay
   3. *Nature of time:* Difference between various Indian philosophical
   schools and Western science regarding concepts of Space and Time.
      - Prof. Viranarayana Pandurangi
      - Geshe Lobsang Chophel
      - Dr.P. Vinayacharya
      - Prof. C. Sivaram
      - Prof. B. S. Ramachandra
      - *Moderator:* Prof. Sisir Roy
   4. *Quantum entanglement and metaphysics of relations:* Whether Indian
   Philosophy of Relations can be extended to provide any framework of
   justification for the newly understood domain of Quantum Holism?
      - Geshe Lobsang Chophel
      - Dr. Nirmayla Guha
      - A.P. Pratosh
      - Prof. L. Narasimhan
      - Mr S. Aravinda
      - *Moderator:* Prof. Sisir Roy
   5. *Quest for ultimate reality:* Modern physics and ancient wisdom: Is
   there any possible overlap between what are possibly meant by Ultimate
   Reality in Science and Indian Philosophy, represented by both realist
   schools of thought, like Dvaita, Nyaya and Mimamsa, and Idealist schools,
   like Advaita and Vishishtadvaita. Put otherwise, is it possible to address
   the perennial philosophical questions about Ultimate Reality from physical
   scientific points of view
      - Prof. Thyagaraj
      - Prof. Viranarayana Pandurangi
      - Prof. C. Sivaram
      - Prof. B. S. Ramachandra
      - *Moderator:* Prof. Sisir Roy
   6. *Free will:* Possibility of better justification of some metaphysical
   issues discussed in the Indian philosophical context from neuroscience,
   computer science or mathematical logic perspectives.
      - Prof. Shrinivasa Varkhedi
      - Dr. Srinivas Acharya
      - Prof. Anindya Sinha
      - Dr Monika Krishan
      - Mr R. Sundar
      - *Moderator:* Dr. R. Srikanth

> --
> Dr. R. Srikanth
> Assistant Professor
> Dept. of Theoretical Sciences
> Poornaprajna Institute of Scientific Research
> Bangalore- 560 080, Karnataka, India.
> http://ppisr.res.in/srikanth-r.html <http://poornaprajna.org/srik>
> Mob: +91 9844593440

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