[Advaita-l] Sa-gotra marriages

V Subrahmanian v.subrahmanian at gmail.com
Mon Oct 24 04:07:19 CDT 2016


Is there provision in the śāstra-s for sa-gotra marriages? Some people say
that in rare cases where a sa-gotra marriage is arranged, it is possible to
overcome the 'defect' by having the girl formally 'given' in marriage by a
person of a different gotra instead of the girl's father doing the 'giving
away' ritual (dhāra).  Is this arrangement in agreement with the śiṣṭācāra?

It is the opinion of some that the Gotra lineage comes down in two ways:
People belonging to the same family-relationships of the Gotra pravartaka
Rishi and 2. People studying under the same Gotra-pravartaka Rishi. It
might be difficult at the present point of time to distinguish between the
two, but marriages between the 2nd type families seems to be not defiled.

Knowledgeable persons like Sri Anand Hudli may address this question.

warm regards

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