[Advaita-l] Question on internal Sandhi rule

D.V.N.Sarma డి.వి.ఎన్.శర్మ dvnsarma at gmail.com
Wed Oct 26 23:39:31 CDT 2016

Two sutras aplly here.

रषाभ्यां नोऽणः समानपदे
अट्कुप्वाङ् नुम् व्यवायेऽपि

You can get the meaning from translation of Panini's sutras
for example Srisha chandra Vasu's.

On Thu, Oct 27, 2016 at 12:53 AM, Shashi via Advaita-l
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> Hello everyone,
> I have a question about Sanskrit. It's not really about Advaita per se,
> but there are many learned people here, so I really appreciate the help.
> Under what circumstances should a dantavya 'na' (dental) change into a murdhanya 'na' (retroflexal) in a word? For example, why is tRtiya vibhakti of 'Rama' RameNa and not Ramena?
> Thank you,
> Shashi
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