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It was just an year ago - 

Tributes to Sreeman S.N. Chari.--------------------------------------------------
Just came to know that Pujya S.N. Sastriji has passed away. I first met him in Advaitin list and I paid visit to him few years ago since he lived in Chennai. He was in a way my mentor always making suggestions to my writings in Advaita and where my interpretation differs from the traditional approach. He was in a way guiding principle. Just 10 days ago he sent me a file translating part of Pancapaadika saying that he is unable to complete it. I will miss guidance. Sastri is well known as he translated Shree Narayaneeyam and was published by Chinmaya Mission. Here is small write up on him published in advaitin list. Hari Om! ------------------------------------------ Pujya S.N. Sastri S.N.Sastri was born in Kerala, India, on 27th June 1922. After taking an M.A. Degree in Mathematics, he joined the Internal Revenue Service of the Government of India as an Income-Tax Officer in 1944. He rose to the position of Member of the Central Board of Direct Taxes, the apex body entrusted with the administration of the Direct Tax laws in India. He retired from service in June 1980. After retirement he studied advaita vedAnta under two eminent traditional scholars in Chennai, India. Pujya Sastri has been very active as a moderator of advaitin list for the past 10 years and he has been guiding this list ever since.
 S.N. Sastri has authored the following books: Commentary in English on nArAyaNiyam, a famous literary-cum-devotional work in Sanskrit by the devotee-poet MelpathUr nArAyaNa BhaTTatiri who lived in Kerala in the 16th century A.D. (Published by Central Chinmaya Mission Trust, Mumbai, 1972; second edition published in January 2005. It contains the verses in Devanagari script, word-by-word meaning, and detailed explanatory notes bringing out the vedAntic import of the verses. Buy at Amazon) Commentary in English on shatashlokI of Shri ShankarAchArya. (Published by the author.) Commentary in English on HastAmalakIyam of HastAmalaka, one of the four disciples of Shri Shankara. (Published by the author.) English translation of SiddhAntabindu of MadhusUdana Sarasvati. (Published by Adi Sankara Advaita Research Centre, Chennai.) Edited the English translation of a monumental commentary in MalayAlam on nArAyaNIyam. (Published by The Bhaktaranjini Trust, Bangalore, 1994.)

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