[Advaita-l] Why did Krishna said that he was unable to repeat Gita?

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Dear Shashwata Shastriji,

I never said that the Lord expressed his inability to be yoga-yukta. He took the avatara for a divine purpose and not to be yoga-yukta at anytime at the call of Arjuna, whom the Lord rebuked for forgetting all that he had been taught. Further, the Lord very well knew that Vedavyasa would propagate to the world what all the Lord taught to Arjuna. 

I am neither speak for the Lord nor can claim that I understand all his maya. I just expressed what I understood as to why the Lord did not repeat the Gita discourse. Lord has his own way of working. Vedavyasa told that the Lord could have averted the curse of Gandhari if he wanted to  and protected the Yadus from getting destroyed, but he did not do that. 

Sunil KB
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 Sunil ji, 
 Svayam Bhagwan
 is unable to achieve yoga-yukta state again? That
 doesn't sound right. Who has subjugated yoga-maya, who
 is by born jivanmukta he has issues while acquiring youga
 yukta state? Isn't there a mystery behind it? 
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 Shashwata Chowdhury
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 The Lord also said that he delivered the discourse in
 Yoga-yukta state.
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  Lord Krishna did not
  forget Gita. How cam he? Please do not go by the
  and better read what the Lord said to Arjuna as given in
  Sanskrit verses.
  The relevant
  part of the verse reads so in Sanskrit: न च
  साऽद्य पुनर्भूयः
  सम्भविष्यति । The explanation
  not have been given, but the translation is not
  since it literally reads as: "And now, that
  recollection of mine [regarding the narration] is not
  Kind rgds,
  --Praveen R. Bhat
  /* Through
  what should one know That owing to which all this is
  [Br.Up. 4.5.15] */ 
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