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Dear Sri kartik
I am in agreement with  Shri Chandramouliji’s explaining Consciousness (to your question), its synonyms  and its significance w r to the three Gunas.  I would only like to add that Consciousness is of a higher order of reality (paramarthikam) and the three gunas and everything other than the Consciousness are of a lower order of reality (vyavakarikam). Hence, it is not possible to comprehend the Consciousness experientially, but we accept and can also understand it intellectually.    

It is similar to the acceptance of one’s own higher order or higher plane  of reality in his lower order  or lower plane of reality(examples) : 
1.	Existance of waking state  (higher plane) w r to  the dream state and dream experiences of the dreamer (relatively lower plane).
2.	The ‘inner’ understanding the actual state  (higher plane) of an   actor by himself while he is playing a role (relatively lower plane)  in a drama or a movie shooting.

For any clarification on my above posting you may call me (cell : 9916494729) as it is much easy for me to communicate over phone than typing the discussion in detail particularly w r to the profound subject matters as I have to understand the postings and respond using the 'screen reader' software.

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Kartik Ji,

Reg  <<1)How does Shankara define Consciousness? >>,

Consciousness/Chaitanyam is synonymous with Brahman/Atman. For ​ ​ definition, you could refer to verses 4/5 of IshAvAsyOpanishad or  BruhadAranyaka Upanishad chapters 3-4 ( UshastHa BrahmaNa) and 3-5 (KahOla BrAhmaNa). There are any number of other places as well.

Reg  << 2)Is Consciousness present in the three gunas of prakriti, viz, Sattva/Rajasic/Tamasic. >>,

the three gunas of prakriti, viz,
Sattva/Rajasic/Tamasic derive their qualities or strengths from Consciousness only.

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