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> I just remembered that Hanuman has given a nice short 'lecture' comparing:
> Advaita, Dvaita,   and Vishistadvaita;
> and concluding that they are all basically the same but becomes known at
> different times and action.
> I think it was addressed to Rama. Please check it out.

देहबुद्‍ध्या त्वद्दासोऽहं जीवबुद्‍ध्या त्वदंशकः। आत्मबुद्‍ध्या त्वमेवाहम्
इति मे निश्चिता मतिः॥

When I am conscious of my body, I am your servant. When aware of myself, I
am a part of yours. When I know my essence, I am verily you yourself. This
is my certain belief.

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