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Consciousness is ‘Bhramman’ in totality and it is only ‘Atman’ w r to an individual. The advantage of understanding ‘Bhramman’ or ‘Atman’  as ‘Consciousness’ or ‘non-functioning’ Awareness (in English) has its own advantage that cannot be described in words. 

Also, Consciousness is independend but the three gunas depend Consciousness for their existence as well as for their functions. , If at all we describe the ‘relationship’ between Consciousness and the ‘three Gunas’, the relationship is also   ‘unreal’., 

One of the close example is the appearance of ‘video Scenes’ expressing  'three gunas' on the ‘Screen’ of a TV or monitor. The video scenes are dependent on the screen for their existence and functions whereas, the screen is independent of the scenes in this context. Are the scenes part of the screen ? No, What is the relationship between the screen and the scenes? However, Vedanta says that the ‘relationship’ between Bhramman and the ‘thrigunatmika’ Maya is only ‘kala tatvam’, the ‘time principle’. I mention this here as it is a useful information.
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> If consciousness is the same as Atman then IT is Nirakara, Nirguna, 
> Nirantara ,  since IT is a part of Brahman.

Consciousness is not 'part' of Brahman, for Brahman is impartite. Anything with parts will be perishable. So, Consciousness is Brahman. You may also consult Bh.Gita bhashya for 15.7.


> This is my understanding of Consciousness.
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