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Belavadi Shankar shankarbelavadi5 at gmail.com
Sat Dec 2 07:09:36 EST 2017

With my limited knowledge I will have to explain my answer. Those who have
studied Hindu Vedanta scripts know
that: one has to undergo a whole lot of practices as prescribed in the
Scriptures. In my opinion self-realization is
enlightenment. As I try to remember what I have read on this topic, one
needs to renounce his/her Ego, He/She has to
remove all attachments, and then obtain Atma-Jnana by Sadhana. So it is
very hard. I only know two people in recent times
in India, Ramakrishna Paramahamsa and Ramana Maharshi. [I will not attempt
to say anything about the Great Acharya
Sri Adi Shankar. In the Upanishads one name comes up often - Janaka
Maharajah - who was know as 'Jeevan Mukhta'.
More later
Warm Regards to All

- shankar

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> When a Guru attains self realization, why does at least his disciples not
> as well. Since the consciousness is the same in the Guru and in the
> disciple and/or (another perspective) the same inner dweller in both, why
> is the disciple deprived?
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