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Mon Dec 4 23:22:39 EST 2017

Dear Shakta Bhandu's,                                        On the Ocassion of Dattatreya Jayanti i.e Marga sira Shulka Pournami(3/12/2017) , It give happiness to share my yatra details of the Mount GirinarClimbing in the last month which I successfully completed. I do you have onebook on brief details of the climbing process i.e steps and the route of theyatra. I scanned and kept with me as a personal copy. Due to copy right issues,I am not able to upload the book, but I can send it to any body's personal mailID based on their interests.
Tonk 1: Jain Group of Temples, Steps-3800 (Nemi Nadh)
Tonk2: Ambaji Temple, Steps-4840Tonk 3: Gorakh Nath Summit, Steps-5280Tonk 4&5: Down followed byUp, Datta Charan Paduka - Steps-6830
Total Steps: Approximately ~ 7000 No's
 GeneralPrecautions: One hasto carry at least 2L, Glucose water along with shoulder bag, it takes minimum of 6 hrs to climb and return one can easily get down in 4 hrs. Althoughthere are many shops along the path, it is better to carry the essential thingsalong with us. if any one starts the climbing in the early house, they caneasily come back before noon. Warning:if any one having breath problems, asthma, cardiac problems, children are notadvised to take part of climbing as I couldn't see any medical/first aid help.  One canget more details from me in Person. Sri GuruPadaravindarpana MastuKameswaraRao 
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