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praNAms Sri Rama prabhuji
Hare Krishna

The mantra and brAhmaNa portions are distinguishable only by tradition. The shAyaNa bhAShya would be the best bet. I have never seen/heard about this homa. Is it some newly invented one like the yajus-samhitA homa?

>  Perhaps it would be so!! As we use trucha kalpa, mahAsoUra (rigvedeeya), aruNa , Aditya hrudaya etc only for sUrya namaskAra / arghya.  aruNa hOma is really new to me as well :-)  As a ritvik I went to some place (hari hareshwara devasthAnaM)  to do mahAsoura and aruNa pArAyaNa for doing the sUrya namaskAra.  But after the sUrya namaskAra they did the hOma as well from all these three mantra-s (trucha, mahAsoUra and aruNa) there exactly I struggled while doing the aruNa hOma since I was not able to distinguish between brAhmaNa and mantra instantly because in the standara printed aruNa prashna these markings are not available.  hOma kunda also was something unique for doing this aruNa hOma, in the middle of the kunda there was a round shaped hole about one foot deep and they filled that with water then covered that hole with a mesh-like thing and on that mesh they made a thick layer of lotus leaves and flowers and again this layer also covered with sand.  Agnimukha purvAnga uttaraanga etc. there were no difference and done as per Apasthambha and main dravya-s were Ajya, arka samit and godhuma paayasaM.  The adhvaryu left the place soon after pUrNAhuti not able to get more details from him.  Shortly he said the vidhi is there in aruNaketuka chayana (shroutAcharaNa which has been explained in 31 & 32 anuvAka of aruNa) and the same he did it in smArtha way i.e. comparatively  in a simple way :-)

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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