[Advaita-l] ***UNCHECKED*** A Srivaishnava's dig at the Vaikhanasa

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Tue Dec 12 02:20:09 EST 2017

A Srivaishnava's dig at the Vaikhanasa

In the Book 'History of Tirupati - Vol.1', published by the TTD in 1953,
the author Sri T K T Viraraghavacharya, on p. 54  observes:

// A glance at the Vaikhanasa samhita will show how offensively Vaishnavite
was the old type which made Brahma and Shiva attendant beings waiting by
the side of Vishnu, Shiva in particular placed in the paishacha zone.//

One can see such reprehensible views being still propagated by those who
claim to be followers of Ramanuja:


//I can only smile at this, considering the fact that even in the
Chidambaram Temple, Govindaraja's shrine is more elevated than the Nataraja
shrine, and the Lord's lotus feet are directly pointing towards Nataraja's
shrine. Thus pratyakSha itself shows, between Govindaraja and Nataraja, who
is the master and who is the servant worshiping the master!//

If this is what Ramanuja taught to his followers, one only wonders of the
personality whose 1000 years of advent is observed in this year.

Om Tat Sat

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