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The gunas which are three in number as identified by the Gitacharya are prakruthi sambahva:.That is they are part of the born individual.These three are constantly changing in their dominance -that is when one guna is more prevalent at a point of time the other two take a subdued stance.Like that for all the three in cycles but not in equal proportions of time.Sri Krishna further says it is very difficult to get over these three gunas and even devas find it difficult.What to speak of we mortals.
Now varna is four -Brahmana,Kshathriya,Visam and Sudras.Here these four are having  inherent traits which are called swabhavajam.As Sri Arjuna is a Kshathriya the Lord says that He is bound by His Khathra swabhava and He is bound by it and can not wish it away.It will be only a delusion to think like that.He should fight.
Sri Arjuna  also says that He will do as told.
Now Swabhava and Gunas are born with the Dehi.Gunas make the swabhava of the dehi [Individual/athma]by the dominant proportion of one of the three gunas.This dominance is of one guna is almost a permanent one forming the basis of a swabhava of an individual.This individual trait gets clouded by again the three gunas’ temporary cyclic presence.When this occurs that individual gets into Sri Arjuna’s vishadha.
Gunas get cultivated by the type of foods one eats or has preference which one can not say  with certaintywhich is the one cause for which one.
Varna is swabhava oriented and swabhava is Guna oriented and Gunas are because of prakruthi.
In essence once birth decides once place in life and it is difficult to change ones swabhava or become a gunatheetha.
Hope is by constant practice -abhyasa- and vairagya and with the help of a Guru -here Lord Krishna acts as Guru also for Sri Arjuna –

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Does anyone know of any traditional reference which talks of the above or a similar correlation between guNas and varNas?

Hare Krishna

If we see the varNa dharma / karma that has been prescribed in shAstra, we can infer the dominant guNa in a particular varNa.  For example brAhmaNa should have the control over the mind, he has to be saMyamendriya should maintain cleanliness he has to have satva gUna pradhAna kAruNya, shraddhA in shAstra etc.  likewise Kshatriya,  Vaishya, shUdra too have their varNa vihita dharma / karma  ( we can see the details varNAshrama dharma  in  geeta   18th adhyAya) accordingly we may infer which guNa has to be predominant in a particular varNa while discharging these duties.  I am not aware of any reference which is directly linking the varNa with dominant  guNa hence thinking in these lines :-)  You can wait for more accurate quote (may be available in some dharma shAstra).  BTW, modern day brAhmaNa-s like us are admixture of all the four varNa-s when it comes to varNAshrama dharma and karma :-) 

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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