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2017-12-13 8:44 GMT+05:30 V Subrahmanian <v.subrahmanian at gmail.com>:

> In my opinion, the experience of prarabdha is karyanumeya: only after it
> has been experienced one will infer that it is due to prarabdha karma.
> avashyam anubhoktavyam krtam karma shubhaashubham is the rule. A person may
> practice and gain the ability to be in nirvikalpa samadhi. But that is not
> a permanent possibility. If prarabdha is strong, it will end the samadhi
> and give its effect.

Yes, agreed.. it is verily on the relative strengths, where one can
overpower other..

It can also be said that his ability to be in samadhi is also prarabdha.


> 2017-12-13 8:07 GMT+05:30 Ravi Kiran via Advaita-l <
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>> Namaste Sri Chandramouli Ji,
>> From your below replies,
>> > The jnani may
>> > either “experience” it or allow it to just “happen” without “experience”
>> of
>> > the prarabdha karma phala at his will.
>> > ..the jnani does have
>> > control or choice over “experience” of the same as explained above.
>> >..“being
>> >continuously established in Atmaikatva vidyA (jnana) “.
>> Are you saying that, prarabdha karma fala just “happens” without
>> “experience”, from this
>> being continuously established in jnAna, standpoint ???
>> As otherwise, prarabdha karma phala is experienced by Jivan-mukta, as  Sri
>> Shankara Bhagavatpada says it clearly in his BSB 4.1.19
>> इतरक्षपणाधिकरणम्।।4.1.19।।
>> अनारब्धकार्ययोः पुण्यपापयोर्विद्यासामर्थ्यात्क्षय उक्तः। इतरे तु
>> आरब्धकार्ये *पुण्यपापे उपभोगेन* क्षपयित्वा ब्रह्म संपद्यते तस्य तावदेव
>> चिरं
>> यावन्न विमोक्ष्येऽथ संपत्स्ये इति ब्रह्मैव सन्ब्रह्माप्येति इति च
>> एवमादिश्रुतिभ्यः। ननु सत्यपि सम्यग्दर्शने यथा प्राग्देहपाताद्भेददर्शनं
>> द्विचन्द्रदर्शनन्यायेनानुवृत्तम् एवं पश्चादप्युनुवर्तेत न निमित्ताभवात्।*
>> उपभोगशेषक्षपणं* हि तत्रानुवृत्तिनिमित्तम् न च तादृशमत्र किंचिदस्ति। ननु
>> अपरः कर्माशयोऽभिनवमुपभोगमारप्स्यते न तस्य दग्धबीजत्वात्
>> मिथ्याज्ञानावष्टम्भं हि कर्मान्तरं देहपात
>> उपभोगान्तरमारभेत तच्च मिथ्याज्ञानं सम्यग्ज्ञानेन दग्धम् इत्यतः साध्वेतत्
>> आरब्धकार्यक्षये विदुषः कैवल्यमवश्यं भवतीति।।
>> This Sutra  says that the Prârabdha works are destroyed through fruition,
>> and though till then the knower of Brahman has to be in the relative world
>> as a Jivan-mukta, yet when these are exhausted by being worked out, he
>> attains oneness with Brahman at death. He no longer sees any diversity,
>> owing to the absence of any cause like the Prârabdha, and since all works
>> including the Prârabdha are destroyed at death, he attains oneness with
>> Brahman. [trans by Swami Vireswarananda]
>> Thanks
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