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2017-12-13 11:14 GMT+05:30 H S Chandramouli <hschandramouli at gmail.com>:

> Reg  << A person may practice and gain the ability to be in nirvikalpa
> samadhi. But that is not a permanent possibility. If prarabdha is strong,
> it will end the samadhi and give its effect. >>,
>  this nirvikalpa samadhi is the result of effort. prarabdha could end it.
> In the case of nirvikalpa samadhi (being
> continuously established in Atmaikatva vidyA (jnana) ) of a jnani, it is
> not through effort. It is through jnana. prarabdha cannot end it.

This is not disputed. But prarabdha bhoga is there for the Jnani as well.
That is the view of Advaitins.  The fall of this jnani's physical body
alone will end the prarabdha bhoga.


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