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>> << Unless it is experienced by that person as pain or pleasure, it is of
>> no use in terming it a bhoga. Ramana had both kinds of experiences in
>> abundance. >>,
>> Did Sri Ramana Maharshi experience pain or pleasure ?? I do not think so.

//*For the last 2 years of his life the Maharshi suffered from cancer and
experienced great physical pain, but even towards the end he maintained the
same tranquil poise and self-same radiant smile*. When he was suffering
from cancer in the arm a disciple ran away crying because he could not bear
to see his master in pain. Ramana only smiled and spoke to a disciple
nearby. “Duraswami is crying because he thinks I am suffering agonies! My
body is suffering but I am not suffering. When will he realise that I am
not this body?” [3] <http://stuartperrin.com/about-ramana-maharshi/#ref>//


//*Question:* Please tell us about Bhagavan’s forbearance of suffering
during his cancer operations.

*Sadhu **Om**:* Even at the time of his fourth operation, which was a very
major one, Bhagavan refused to be given chloroform. The operation took a
long time, and because of the profuse bleeding, it was very difficult for
the doctors to dress the wound. Towards the end of the operation Bhagavan
was talking to someone when the doctors informed him that the operation was

‘What! Is it over?’ asked Bhagavan.

Someone then asked, ‘Bhagavan, did you not feel any pain?’

Bhagavan replied, ‘Yes, there was pain, like a hundred chillies being
ground in the wound, but even that pain is not apart from me.’//

[Sadhu Om was a venerable seeker who spent a very long time with

I have heard this said by others also.



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