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'Letters from Sri Ramanasramam' (224) TIGER’S SKIN:

After hearing what Bhagavan had said yesterday about the kamandalams
(earthen or wooden pots used by ascetics), a devotee asked, “Is it a fact
that somebody asked Bhagavan to give him the tiger’s skin on which Bhagavan
was sitting and, as it was being taken away, someone here prevented him
from doing so?” Bhagavan said with a smile, “Yes. That happened only after
we came here. It was in 1924, or about that time. One sadhu came here to
see me. I happened to be seated at the time on a tiger’s skin. He cast his
eyes upon it. Waiting for an opportunity when no one was with me, he said,
‘Swami, I want that tiger’s skin. Please give it to me.’ I said that I had
no objection to give it, but if any one saw him taking it away, they might
not keep quiet. He said that there was no one present at the time and that
he would manage to walk away with it before anyone could notice it. I said,
‘All right. Just as you like. I will get up. Take it. But if any one sees
you and stops you from going away with it, I won’t be responsible.’ So
saying, I got up. He took the tiger’s skin, rolled it, tied it and was
going out with it when Dandapani Swami, who was coming in, happened to
notice it. He said, ‘What nonsense! Bhagavan sits on that tiger’s skin. You
can’t take it away.’ The sadhu protested, saying, ‘I am taking it away with
Bhagavan’s permission.’ Dandapani Swami, however, remonstrated saying, ‘Was
it proper for you to ask for it when Bhagavan was sitting on it? Is it
proper for you to take it away? No. That cannot be allowed.’ Thereupon both
of them came to me for resolving the dispute. I told Dandapani Swami that
the sadhu pressed me to give him the tiger’s skin and so I gave it away but
that I had already warned him about others preventing him from taking it
away if they noticed it. I left it to them both to resolve the dispute as
best as they could. Dandapani Swami found fault with the sadhu saying that
it was highly improper for him to have asked Bhagavan to get up from his
seat and to have asked him to give away the tiger’s skin. Finally Dandapani
Swami prevented it from being taken away.” We were all very much amused.

A devotee said, “Bhagavan, you have replied to them both in a very funny

Bhagavan: “What to do? Some one brings that tiger’s skin and requests me to
sit on it. I accede to his request. Some one else comes here and says,
‘Please get up. I want that tiger’s skin.’ So I get up. What do I lose?
Dandapani Swami prevented that sadhu from taking it away. He was then in
power. They could settle the score between themselves. Why should I bother?”

Devotee: “So Bhagavan has no part or lot in the matter?”

Bhagavan: “No. I have no rights, and I have no troubles.”

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