[Advaita-l] Shiva Nama Sankeertana

Venkatesh Murthy vmurthy36 at gmail.com
Fri Dec 15 07:50:10 EST 2017


Listen to the song -

One or two words are not pronounced correctly. No problem. Why?

HH Bharati Teertha in this video has said Bhava Grahi Janardanah. God takes
only the Bhakti Sentiment and gives His blessings. Wrong pronunciation and
wrong grammar are not His concern.

See this -

murkho vadati vishnaya      vidwan vadati vishnave
ubhayos tu samam punyam      bhava-grahi janardanah

At the time of offering obeisances to Lord Vishnu, a foolish person chants
vishnaya namah (this is improper due to faulty grammar) and a learned
person chants vishnave namah (this is the correct form). But both achieve
equal piety by their offering of obeisances, because Lord Shri Janardana
sees the sentiment of the living being, in other words, He sees the degree
of devotion, or in other words, He awards the result accordingly (He does
not see one’s foolishness or intelligence).


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