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> Namaste
> From Ramayana serial 2008 -
> https://youtu.be/_cM0SRXhpW4

The very next video is:


proclaiming the non-difference of Hari-Hara. One of the subtitles seems to
be a literal translation of Sridhara Swamin's invocation to the
Srimadbhāgavatam commentary:

माधवोमाधवावीशौ सर्वसिद्धिविधायिनौ। वन्दे परस्परात्मानौ    परस्परनुतिप्रियौ॥

   I bow to Mādhava and Umādhava (Shiva) who are both 'Isha-s' Supreme
   Lords. They are capable of bestowing all accomplishments (to their
   devotees). They are both the selves of each other and both love to
   engage in the stuti of each other.


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