[Advaita-l] Did Shri Rama really abandon Sita?

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 Namaste Sriramji,
I just noticed that this topic was already discussed. I agree, everything should be studied systematically but there are no authentic teachers. 
It appears that uttara kanda was added by Goswami Tulsidas. Again not sure if that is when this version of Ramayana started. But certainly seems to be a Vaishnavite contribution. 
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 First you study the kAvya completely under Acharya.  It should be studied from 'rasa' perspective and then from 'dharma' perspective as it is a 'dhvani' kAvya.  Above all, to understand the purport of rAmAyaNa, 'rAma-tAraka' mantra japa should be performed only then the pandora box is opened by kavIshwara (Valmiki) and kapIshwara (Anjaneya) who are the AchAryAs of rAmAyaN.

Cursory readings and picking up theories randomly from google / here and there is of no use and leads to vitaNDa-vAda.  


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            Apparently it was a curse by a parrot, as
 per padma purana. Not sure if it's

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