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Namaste Sri Venkatraghavanji

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> Namaste,
> The fifth definition of mithyAtva was proposed by AnandabodhAchArya, a
> great AchArya of advaita from the 11th century. Four works are attributed
> to him, nyAyamakaranda, pramANamAla, nyAyadIpAvali and nyAyadIpika. The
> siddhikAra takes up the fifth definition of mithyAtva for analysis.
> सद्विविक्तत्वं वा मिथ्यात्वम् | That which is different from sat is mithyA.

> Therefore in this
> view, only mahAvAkyas (sentences that postulate the identity of the
> individual self with Brahman) are pramANas in reality, because they can
> never be sublated. Every other pramANa is imbued with some defect or the
> other - avidyA or primal nescience is the common defect afflicting all
> pramANas.

Will there be a separate discussion ( later ) on how avidyA is explained as
per Advaita Siddhi or does the siddhikAra references from earlier advaitic
If so, which ones ? If there is a summary on definition of avidyA as per
siddhikAra, posted here, it will help.

> Secondly, this definition extends (incorrectly) to the attributeless
> Brahman too. According to the BhAmati school, shuddha Brahman cannot be the
> object of any vritti.

As per Bhamati, sruti mahAvAkya janya aikya jnAna is not aparoksha jnAna?

Thus, as shuddha Brahman is not knowable by any
> pramANa, this definition of mithyAtva would incorrectly extend to shuddha
> Brahman too.
> The siddhikAra says - to remedy this, the qualifier "sattvena
> pratIyamAnatva", "capable of appearing as existing" needs to be appended to
> the definition.
> तयो: सत्त्वप्रकारकप्रतीतिविषयत्वाभावात् | Both shuddha Brahman and asat
> are
> not the objects of a cognition that has existence as its qualifier (ie they
> are not capable of appearing as existing), thus this addition will remedy
> the defects cited.

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