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A clarification below:

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> Here is an English rendering of the Puri ShankarAcharya's address on the
> topic of 'shakti' in Hindi:
>   This can be
> observed in our life. In Jaagrut avastha, there is Shakti and her sthoola
> kaarya ; in swapna , there exists Shakti with her sookshma kaarya ; in
> Sushupti , there exists Shaktimaan and Shakti devoid of any kaarya; and in
> Nirvikalpa Samaadhi , there exists only the Shaktimaan.

If so, how does one reappear to jAgrat avastha from Nirvikalpa samAdhi, in
the absence of shakti ?

Or, are we saying that, when one attains NS, such a one, no longer comes
back to jAgrat and drops the body from NS ?

What is meant, as I understand, is that the shakti will no longer be a
binding force. I remember even the Panchadashi says this in the same
context if avastha traya, samadhi and the three bodies, sthula sukasma and

> Similarly, during
> Pralaya, all the kaarya dissolves into Shakti and Shakti herself unites
> with her substratum ie Maheshwara.
> By contemplating in this manner, we can understand the vijnaana of
> Paramaatma. "

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