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Namaste Raviji,

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> A clarification below:
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> If so, how does one reappear to jAgrat avastha from Nirvikalpa samAdhi, in
> the absence of shakti ?
​The bIjAnidrA is not denied, but nidrA which is itself a vRtti as per Yoga
shastaris denied in NS, unlike in savikalpa samAdhi. HH has already
mentioned that shaktI is kAryanumeyA and since the kAryavRtti is not there,
there is no inferrable kAraNa.

> Or, are we saying that, when one attains NS, such a one, no longer comes
> back to jAgrat and drops the body from NS ?
​Ramakrishna Paramahamsa used to say that unless prArabdha is there, the
body drops off from NS in 20 days as I recall. ​If prArabdha is there, the
person does come out of NS. Even in the former case, it wouldn't
necessarily mean mukti unless samAdhi was preceded by aikyajnAna.

Praveen R. Bhat

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