[Advaita-l] Book on critique of Duality

Kartik Vashishta kartik.unix at gmail.com
Sun Dec 31 05:12:49 EST 2017

Hari OM!

Sadar Pranam!

I am having a very tough time reading and understanding Sri Sri Swami
Krishnananda Ji's book, "The Realization of the Absolute".

Sri Praveen Ji maharaj has been a big help by providing helpful

I am looking to in this post to find some book recommendations from the
list members that will make reading "The Realization of the Absolute"
easier for me.

Perhaps there exists a book or treatise of even an article or a series of
thereof that will help me understand this book better.

No pain, No gain is what they say......


Kartik Vashishta

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