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Dear Shakta Bandhu's                                      The 5th Chapter of the Shukla Yajurveda Samhita (23-25 verses), The mighty power Maa Bagala Mukhi & her grace has been described in detail which clearly states that how Maa Pitambari  dispells the harmful practices and protects her sadhaka's with her divine grace.
The mighty power am Vaishnavi destroys the enemies tactics, his motives and stops the time (Brahmmastra swarupini). She also pull the enemies (Rakshas) tongues by chewing  with her kala stambhini power. Shatpath Brahmana reveals that the Kritya's performed on any sadhak's / God messengers out of the self interests of the demons is reverted cleverly by maa bagala mukhi by taking their child's in her lap. That is Her Grace by which today sadhak's exists on this karma bhumi as she resides in his heart, guides him by showing the light with her Torch i.e the path  by walking along with his shadow which is nothing but the 'Mantra siddhi' which can only be possible by the Sri Guru's transmitting power.
Apart from this  the Lalita Sahasranama also mentions the same:" Ya Vabhicharam Kurute nama Sahasra Pathake   Nivartaya tat kriyam hanyat tam vai Pratyangira Swayam"
It means that " If any body performs a harmful action against a person who recite Lalita Sahasranama daily with dedication in presence of the GURU, The shakti Pratyangira returns the Kritya by itself and beheads the performer.
Lord Krishna tells to Arjuna in Gita (Chapter-3) to win the KARMA by practise of Stambhan.
Worshipping of Maa Bagala can be done by Kaula's, veera ratri practises and Chakra anushthana ritual process must be carried out according to norms and the dictate's of one's own GURU.Maa Bagala bestows her siddhi to the sadhak's by all modes of worship.

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