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I had the joy of interacting with Sri Krishnachar for a long period when he
had undertaken the printing of the two-volume book Sri Dakshinamurti
Stotram in English, published by the Sringeri Shara Peetham. Sri
Krishnachar was a student of the author of the book
Ved.Br.Sri.D.S.Subbaramiaya at the Central College.

Sri Krishnachar would go through the proofs meticulously and has on
occasions pointed out errors to us in Sanskrit. He lived a fine orthodox
life of a Madhva.  He was fond of cricket and used to take time off from
his press and other work to watch the telecast. He has quipped 'idu ondu
sattvika ananda' in lighter vein.  His press has brought out innumerable
literature of the Madhva shcool.

तस्मै महात्मने श्रद्धाञ्जलिं अर्पयामः ।

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