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Why is He called पाण्डुरंग?  
पाण्डुरंगं has two words – पाण्डु and रंग.  पाण्डु means white, sky and by its attributes it means one which is infinite and pure.  रंग means colour.  It also means रं गमयतीति रंगं – that which moves in-towards fire/energy.  (रं is called अग्नि / fire as per the मन्त्र शस्त्र).  So रंग means movement of fire / energy.  The शक्ति of the infinite Brahman (पाण्डु) has moved and that is the world we see.  Whatever we see is nothing but the form of energy of Brahman (Remember – Energy became matter as per Physics).  So all that can be seen by eyes, heard by ears, touched by skin, smelt by nose, told by speech is पाण्डुरंग.  
By knowing the Lord in this name it is another message to see God in everything and everywhere.  That is what the great Acharya Shankara said परब्रह्म लिंगं भजे पाण्डुरंगं (लिंगं means mark, चिन्हम्) 
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