[Advaita-l] Shankara Bhagavatpada acknowledges his authorship of the Prapanchasara

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> a great advaitin whose mind

​SAdara pranAm Sriramji,

Can we say "a great advaitin whose mind" ?
>From the study of life of great advaitins what I came to conclude is that
they have no mind at all !​
For example see the works of Sadasiva brahmendra, only advaitin who wrote
commentaries on both Brama sutra and Yoga sutra, and a great avadhuta. From
his experiences that he described in his wonderful keerthanas we are
compelled to infer like that.There is nothing that is impossible for a
realized one! eg.see "sarvam brhmamayam".
With praNAms,​

*Sivakumar *

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