[Advaita-l] 'somaH pavate....' Rg.Veda 9.5

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this mail is written only after some hesitation to interject in to a
conversation between senior members..

the rik in question is  9:96:5  (9th mandala, 96th sukta, 5th mantra)
While Sayana provides multiple synonyms to Soma,  Sri Aurobindo enunciates
a key to RV by providing uniform meaning to words and phrases to derive
mantraartha whereever they are used.
In that sense, Soma at one level is explained as ananda or delight of
existence, as in sat-chit-ananda. It is described as the source of all

Applying this subtle meaning, this rik may point to devashrushti -
theogony- from very Ananda or Delight. Both Sri Kapali Sastry, and
contemporaneously,  Sri RL Kashyap  have used the same key to describe Soma
in such terms (meaning of the terms here cited from RLK's  work). Navama
mandala is Soma mandala or Soma Pavamana mandala and there are hundreds of
mantras describing various aspects of Soma. I have not read the upanishad
yet, but would like to see context in which it picks up only one of mantras.

Maybe one reference to Shiva via soma comes in 10:25:9  as indrasa indo
shivah shakhA:  (shiva used here more in the meaning of mangalam) =  Indu
or Soma is the auspicious friend of Indra.
This is just to point out that there are, traditionally, different
interpretations of rik mantras...

..gopal gopinath

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> > soma denotes the soma plant, Siva, Moon etc.
> > Are you sure that the Rigvedic passage does not refer to soma plant?
> >
> The mantra has been commented upon by Sāyaṇācārya as Soma who is praised is
> the creator of the intellects, the heavens, the earth. Also he is the
> originator of sūrya, indra and viṣṇu, the all-pervading.
> regards
> vs
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> > regards,
> > Sarma.
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